gender equality

Meltem Akbulut-Yıldırmış, Fatma Nevra Seggie, Serap Emil ve Betül Bulut Şahin’in uluslararası bir kitap bölümü yayınlanmıştır

Yayın tarihi: 2021

Kitabın başlığı: Women and Leadership in Higher Education During Global Crises

Kitap bölümünün başlığı: Women Leaders in Higher Education in Turkey During the Pandemic: The Illusion of Gender Equality 

Kitap Bölümü Özeti/ Abstract: 
This chapter presents the lived experiences of women academic leaders in higher education during the pandemic period in Turkey. The chapter elaborates on the illusion of gender equalities for women in higher education through formal and informal support mechanisms. The authors then present recent knowledge and experiences of women academics in the country during the pandemic and how these experiences have impacted all aspects of life. The authors conducted online interviews with 20 women leaders at varying levels of higher education. The overall findings show that the lack of support mechanisms due to quarantine measures has created an overwhelming workload and challenging personal life experiences for the respondents. The women leaders observed in our study utilized strategies like collaboration, shared decision-making, and constant communication to motivate their colleagues and staff. The idea of “help” and fair share needs to be further examined due to its significance on gender equality for women leaders in academia.

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Yayınevi: IGI Global

Yazarların sıralı isimleri: Akbulut Yıldırmıs, M., Seggie, F. N., Emil, S., Bulut Sahin, B.