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Yakup Öz ve Adnan Boyacı’nın uluslararası bir makalesi yayınlanmıştır

Makalenin yayınlandığı tarih: 4 Ekim 2021

Makale Başlığı: The Role of Student Engagement in Student Outcomes in Higher Education: Implications from a Developing Country

Makale Öz/ Abstract: This study aims to develop an engagement scale in higher education in a developing country context experiencing a rapid massification in its higher education system and includes an administration of this newly developed engagement scale to examine the association between student engagement and outcomes. Accordingly, the engagement scale was developed and administrated in a four-year state university in Turkey. Findings showed that the model established with engagement dimensions significantly explains the GPA, odds of being satisfied with the university experience, and the odds of pursuing postgraduate studies. Moreover, learning strategies played a mediating role between hours devoted to academic studies and GPA. Similarly, interaction with faculty mediates between several student characteristics and the odds of planning to pursue postgraduate studies.

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Makale Anahtar Kelimeler: Student engagement, higher education, developing country, state university, student outcomes

Yayınlandığı dergi adı: International Journal of Educational Research

Yazarların sıralı isimleri: Yakup Öz, Adnan Boyacı