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Köksal, H. (2020). Sharing a TQM-Based Methodology for the Distance Education of Universities, International Conference on Interdisciplinary Educational Reflections: Reflection on 21st Century Skills, Smart Learning Environments and Digitalization in Education, Near East University, Mustafa Kurt, F. Altınay Aksal, Z. Altınay Gazi, Yağmur Çerkez and Umut Akçıl (Eds). Nicosia, Cyprus, 19-20 June 2020, ISBN: 978-605-9415-52-1

Makalenin yayınlandığı tarih: 20.09.2020

Bildiri ve Makalenin Adı: Sharing a TQM-Based Methodology for the Distance Education of Universities

Makale Öz/ Abstract : Quality is needed for all layers of the Society. It is very important to improve the quality not only in business world but also at schools, at all governmental and nongovernmental organizations starting from person and family for the realization of development within the society. Those who are trained through quality-focused education will be able to lead a quality future world moving from theory to practice. University students are expected to learn how to learn, how to do analyses and synthesis after perceiving the knowledge at high level and using it in their own lives effectively. While doing that, they are also expected to obtain the needed skills and knowledge of team building in order to create synergy and to be capable of using quality tools to ease their job. “İmece (Collaboration) Circles” is a methodology, which was created by me as the outcome of my total quality management studies, which has been used successfully and productively at four universities in Istanbul and one university in London, UK since 1997. It was awarded by World Bank within the Competition of “2005 Turkey’s Creative Development Ideas” and has been a very good model for the Project-based teaching. The immense satisfaction of thousands of university students after using that method on the way of producing their projects has caused the author to share that methodology with the readers. The same methodology was used at the Master’s program of Cyprus Science University during the spring term of 2019-2020 Academic year and got very positive reflections from the students.  In this article, author will share how and at which platforms she used that methodology, which is easily adapted to the distance education during the pandemic days.  

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Makale/Bildiri Anahtar Kelimeler: Total Quality Management at universities, Imece circles methodology, distance education

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