Havanur Aytaş ve Serap Emil tarafından bir makale yayınlanmıştır

Makalenin yayınlandığı tarih : 28.12.2020

Makale Adı: The Lived Experiences of Faculty Members with Disabilities in Turkish Universities: Implications for Higher Education Leadership and Management

Makale Öz/ Abstract : One of the most neglected forms of diversity, disability, often results in discrimination in a community. Nevertheless, more higher education institutions are working toward creating more inclusive settings, even though this work predominantly regards students with disabilities, not much of faculty members. The study examined the faculty members’ lived experiences with disabilities in their work-life in higher education institutions in Turkey. Faculty work and disability are the two main issues of this study. While the social model of disability mainly guides the research to examine the concept of disability, faculty work theory helps to contextualize the concept in a higher education setting. This study is phenomenological research carried out with semi-structured interviews with 15 participants. Overall results showed that the faculty members mostly experience exclusion shaped by colleagues, administrators, and institutions. Both encouraging and inhibiting faculty members’ experiences depend on their colleagues, university, type of institution, type of disability, and mainly the administrative attitude. To promote faculty members’ full participation in academic life, higher education leaders are expected to restrain the exclusion of the faculty members with disabilities and be committed to offering complete accessibility on campuses.

Makaleye Erişim Linki/ Doi Linki: https://doi.org/10.30828/real/2020.4.5

Makale Anahtar Kelimeler: Higher education in Turkey, Faculty members, Job satisfaction, Inclusive education, Disability, Academic work-life.

Yayınlandığı dergi adı: Research in Educational Administration & Leadership

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